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Criminal investigation evening to the benefit of ASF MP


In order to finance ASF humanitarian actions and more precisely the “Ailes du Sourire” (Smiling Wings), our Toulouse delegation organised a game: a criminal investigation with 90 people and the volunteer participation of Pascal Martin, author-actor of the play and six amateur actors. 



Christiane Mus, member of our delegation, participated to this “fatal evening” as it is called; she tries to set the scene as follows:

“What is going on? A corpse in the Grand Hotel bar? Fairly quickly, the Superintendent arrives and explains the presence of this crime scene as we sit at our reserved tables. We ought to make enquiry; we cannot let this crime unpunished. We question the suspects and witness. We consult the forensic science police results as well as all the information gathered on the suspects and the victim. After three hours of inquiries and intense discussions, all the budding investigators groups present their conclusions. The criminal and the motive are unveiled. What an unforgettable evening!”

 Well done and thank you to all the participants whose names we cannot list here! A big thank you to Pascal Martin, creative artist of the concept, to volunteer actors, to M.Quissac., Principal of the School who spontaneously, opened the doors of the school restaurant, to M.Lucas, head of works in the school who provided us with quite useful advices and finally to the school’s pupils who ensured us a high quality meal service.! This without forgetting Nicole Thierry – another member of our delegation – who took the initiative of organising with dedication this memorable evening!



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