A daily glass of milk for 1000 children

Published on 12/28/2011
Medical Couriers
A daily glass of milk for 1000 children

Aviation Sans Frontières' Medical Supply and Aviation Sans Frontières Midi-Pyrénées have financed and distributed 10 tons of powdered milk thanks to the "Bethanie" orphanage in N'Djamena, Chad.

This donation will benefit 1000 undernourished children by a daily glass of milk for a year.

Patrick Blelly, President of the Friends of Bethanie, a NGO which helps abandoned and malnourished children in Chad, and Claude Giraud, Aviation Sans Frontières' Medical Supply Manager, presented this dispatch officially in the presence of local authorities.

The maritime transport from La Rochelle to Douala in Cameroon, and then the road transport from Douala to its final destination in N'Djamena were ensured with the support of the French Army.     


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