Ce ne sont pas moins de cinq ensembles vocaux, huit artistes (comédiens, musiciens, chanteurs, peintre et dessinatrice) qui ont répondu présents à notre délégation Toulousaine pour participer de façon bénévole à ce spectacle - concert qui se déroulera le jeudi 6 octobre prochain au théâtre des Mazades à Toulouse à partir de 19h30.

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Based in Perpignan, this NGO works in close collaboration with Aviation Sans Frontières for its "Medical Supply" missions in Orly. With its network of opticians, the organization is able to collect glasses and can offer 2 pairs of these upon medical prescription from one of the NGOs working on the field. Of course, these glasses are adapted to the patient needs. By these means, both associations managed to address a lot of needs in Africa, Madagascar, Asia, South America and Caribbean. 



Depuis Perpignan, cette ONG travaille en coopération avec la Messagerie Médicale d’Aviation Sans Frontières à Orly. Son réseau de récolte de lunettes auprès des opticiens lui permet d’offrir 2 paires de lunettes adaptées aux besoins du patient sur présentation d’une ordonnance d’une ONG oeuvrant sur le terrain. C’est ainsi que les 2 associations ont pu répondre à de très nombreux besoins ciblés en Afrique, à Madagascar, en Asie, en Amérique du Sud et aux Caraïbes.



Created in 1960, MACIF is the abbreviation of « Mutuelle  d’Assurance pour les Commerçants et Industriels de France ». Since its beginnings, the company and its responsible and socially committed members have been strongly supporting solidarity and humanism.

This mutual insurance company offers its financial support to Aviation Sans Frontières and allows its volunteers across the world to accompany sick children so that they can be treated in Europe.



SIACI Saint-Honoré is one of the French leading companies for insurance brokerage and consulting services. It supports big companies in their management, technological development and risk management.

SIACI Saint-Honoré has been showing its interest in Aviation Sans Frontières’ missions by contributing financially to the accompaniment of children requiring surgery in Europe.

Fondation Orange


In the frame of skills patronage, this foundation is supporting associations which are involved in health, social integration and handicap. To this extend, the foundation punctually provides one of its employees to Aviation Sans Frontières’s South-East delegation free of charge. This employee brings their expertise in the accounts management field.

Hertz France


This leading company specialized in vehicles rentals, brings a financial contribution for the accompaniment of children suffering from serious illness.

The company also facilitates the travels of Aviation Sans Frontières’s volunteers during their missions in France. Hertz’s service is designed for demanding customers and rents vehicles over 6 continents and 142 countries.



Running 24/7 and all year long, Mondial Assistance acts in every part of the world to provide assistance solutions and tailor-made insurance products for vehicles, travelling, leisure, mobility, housing, employment, health and services to individuals. The company financially supports Aviation Sans Frontières’ missions, in particular the accompaniment of children requiring emergency care.


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